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Please see our note on the texture and cosmetic variegation of our hoods.


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JOSEPHINE Cast Stone Hood

Josephine Series

Margo Cast Stone Hood

Margo Series

Isabelle Cast Stone Hood

Isabelle Series

Juliette Plain cast stone kitchen hood

Juliette Plain

Juliette Ornate range hood

Juliette Ornate

Amalie Cast Stone Hood

Amelie Series

Amelie Petite Series

Pamela Cast Stone Hood

Pamela Series

Pamela Petite Series

Sophie Cast Stone Hood

Sophie Series

Sophie Petite Series

Now there is a cast stone kitchen hood that captures the elegance of the old world European chateau. The craftsmanship of each kitchen hood design has the look and feel of stone because of it’s crushed travertine base, creatingCast Travertine  Kitchen Hood Inset an artistic architectural centerpiece for your kitchen. The front panels have a 3/8 inch inset for accent tiles and mosaics to add drama and continuity. Weighing 75% less than the “cast stone” alternative, you can eliminate costly subcontractors and weeks of kitchen down time.

Cast Stone Kitchen Hood CornerLocate your studs, drill two holes through built in wood cross member, start the lag bolts, then lift in place and fasten. Your new Euro Cast Design hood is ready to be faux painted or stained (see installation page). Your new hood will easily hold any major brand of exhaust fans. Here is a very good blower/insert example. The access panel will be the perfect solution for electrical hookup and the duct taping. Just think, without the need to turn your house into a three week construction zone, your kitchen will be up and running in just a couple of days. You have successfully joined “Old World” beauty with new world technology with result is truly beautiful.

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