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Installation Instructions

Congratulation on acquiring a Euro Cast Design kitchen hood.Cast stone hood with blower insert
A  liner is already provided within the hoods cast structure. There is therefore no need to install a liner.

Materials Needed

    • Jig saw with fine tooth wood blade.
    • One tube of siliconized sanded caulk. Color: Linen.
    • or, AccuColor - Cornsilk by Tec Specialties.
    • 6 each 3/8” x 3 ” lag bolts w/ washers (4 included).
    • 5/16” drill bit for pre-drilling lag bolt holes.
    • 4 to 6 No. 12 round head wood screws for corbel installation.
    • 2 x 4 stud (very straight).
    • Ratchet & socket for lag bolts.
    • 3 ft. carpenters level.


This hood has been engineered to be mounted directly on your finished wall and does not require any additional framing presuming existing wall meets all building codes.

STEP 1:  Carefully unpack hood and inspect. The access panel secured in a separate cardboard box is very fragile. If dropped it will shatter. Handel it with extreme caution.

STEP 2:  Using a jig saw with fine tooth wood blade, adjust the cutout in the bottom deck (figure 1) to the specifications provided with  the particular blower-pack you purchased. Follow same instructions to prepare the installation of the housing before mounting hood on wall ( Dry fitting). Please follow all safety instructions included with your liner/blower before electrical hookup.

STEP 3:  If you are installing our “ultra-lite” corbels, you must (from the bottom) pre-drill two or three holes into the hood where you are going to mount the corbels. After the hood has been mounted, fasten corbels from inside of hood using round head or sheet rock grabber screws with washers (not included).

STEP 4:  Locate and mark wall studs where hood is to be mounted (figure 2). Report the stud location on top and bottom cross member of hood (figure 3).

STEP 5:  Pre-drill the cross members and wall stud with the 5/16” wood bit. Start all four of the lag bolts with washers to insure ease of install after hood placement.

STEP 6: 
Secure a cleat  on the wall where the bottom of the hood is going to rest allowing a 1/4 " play. Precut a 2x4 to wedge and maintain the hood in place while bolting it to the wall (figure 3).

STEP 7:  With the help of friends (not included), lift hood in place and set atop the cleat. Force it into the corner-ceiling and jam the 2x4 between the floor and the hood lower front edge. The hood should remain put at this time. Using wedges, fit the hood level and finalize its placement. At this time secure the hood to the wall/ceiling with four (4 +) lag bolts and washers into the studs. Liquid nail or "PL-400" can be used for a better install and seal to the wall/ceiling.

STEP 8:  Use siliconized sanded caulk to fill any gap along the back wall if needed.

STEP 9:  Your hood is now ready to receive the blower/pack unit. When complete, secure included access panel to front of hood using the siliconized sanded caulk. Whether you  faux finish your hood or not, these hoods must be sealed as the last step to installation. This will protect your hood from grease and fingerprints and ease clean-up.

All Euro Cast Design hoods can be faux painted or stained with a water base/latex stain and liquid tints.
Please apply chosen finish according to manufacturer’s instructions and seal.

Adjust the cutout in the bottom deck (figure 1) to accommodate blower that you have purchased.


Cast Stone Hood installation

When hood is ready for blower, locate studs in wall where the hood is to be mounted. Verify stud presence at each where lag bolts are to be used.


Cast Stone Hood wall

Report the stud location onto the top and bottom cross member of hood. On hoods that exceed 42” in overall width, locate three wall studs and report their position to cross members. Use 2 lag bolts per stud to secure hood.


Cast Stone Hood inside bolted thmb

Determine how far from the cook-top the bottom of your hood will be. Next cut a straight piece of 2 x 4 stud to temporarily mount between your cabinets. Use two of your lag bolts to fix it to the wall, making sure that it is level. This will be used to hold the hood in place while bolting it to the wall.


Cast Stone Hoodmeasure to bottom thmb

With the help of friends (not included), lift hood in place and set atop 2 x 4 cross member, remembering to check level constantly. While someone holds the hood against the wall fasten the two upper lag bolts into wall. Repeat for bottom bolts.


Cast Stone Hood tighten lag bolts thmb