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Euro Cast Design, Inc. is proud to announce that our cast travertine kitchen hoods are available as a Chief Architect library.

At present we are providing the “alb” file for C.A. users to import. In January 2009, this file will be wrapped with an installer for those who are not familiar with how to import libraries.

 Click here to download the ECD travertine kitchen hoods.alb, then save to your computer and follow instructions provided below found within the Chief Architect program to import this library.

Chief Architect

Chief Architect is the industry leader for residential architectural home design software. We have focused the past decade on making this program easy to use for the building professional. Chief Architect will help you be more productive, and we guarantee it. In today’s environment, you need to be both competitive and productive with your design work and your clients expect professional designs. Establish more business, be more productive and ensure more satisfied customers using Chief Architect on your next design project!

Adding a Third Party Library

In Chief Architect, libraries are stored using the .ALB file format. Some manufacturers and third party symbol resources provide library content in this file format that can be added to the Chief Architect library.

To add a third party library

  • In Windows Explorer, browse to the .ALB file saved on your computer.
  • Right click and select Copy from the contextual menu.
  • Browse to the Chief Architect Libraries directory, typically located at C:\Program Files\Chief Architect Inc\Chief Architect X1 Full\Libraries.
  • Select Edit> Paste to paste a copy of the .ALB file in the Libraries directory.
  • If Chief Architect is running when you perform this task, select Library> Refresh Library Browser .
  • The third party library may be listed in the My Libraries library category.