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Stone hoods
Faux stone travertine range hoods --- Composite travertine stone hoods    
Custom designs for U  

EURO CAST DESIGN hoods are now available to Chief Architect users.



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See the video below to
understand the ease of installation

The advantages of
Faux stone range hoods,
Composite stone hoods
Super light weight.





Installed in less than 1 hour.
(vent/blower separate)

Made from reclaimed crushed travertine stone.

Light enough to be mounted
like a upper
kitchen cabinet.

One single piece construction.
Self standing unit.

No framing or dry wall needed.

Accommodates most vent blowers

Can be faux finished, stained
or left in its natural travertine color.


       Cast stone kitchen hood close-up

    Carving on Josephine stone kitchen hood
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All our hoods are handmade to order and to your specifications.

In some instance sizes can be customized.
This process takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

All sales are final.

All models are available for Island hoods configuration

Josephine Ornate Cast Travertine Hood

Above: Josephine Ornate R-36 over a 36” Wolf range. Width of hood is 60 inches.
Below: Juliette Ornate CAB-4810 above a 36” Wolf range. Width of hood is 48”.
Corbels included with both models.

Juliette Kitchen Range Hood

All models are available for island hoods application!
Ultra Lightweight Stone hoods for islands application

Invest In Stone Range Hoods - For Your Luxurious Kitchen.

Ultra-lite weight stone range hoods

Kitchen is one of the most essential part of the home aside from this is where the food is stored, cooked & prepared as well, this is where you also build memories with your family. It is so crucial for the homemaker to make this place special and clean all the time. But have you thought of the air in the kitchen? It is often neglected by people due to lots of things that pre-occupy them and lots of things in the kitchen that must be cleaned all the time. Good thing there are range hoods available in our store to keep the air in the kitchen clean all the time. A lot of people might not have realized it, but having a range hood in the kitchen is very important. Aside from eradicating the grease and the fumes in the air, it can also help in improving the health of the people in the household.

This may sound surprising, but this is actually true. If you are into healthy cooking and you want to purify the air as well, that is possible these days with
Stone Range Hoods and it can also help in lessening the symptoms of allergy. It cannot be defined that more & more people nowadays suffer from allergies. If you want to get rid of risky fumes in the air, the use of air freshener cannot really solve the problem. It is just masking the bad air with something that smells fresh, but the problem is still there. You are actually spraying chemicals in the air even if the ingredients being used freshens it and was said to be safe to everyone, still it can be a potential health risk too, because natural ingredients aren't used to make the air fresheners.

Hoods are available in various types like copper, cast stone and other stone ranges in the travertine family. It is fairly easy to find a suitable stone hood for your home kitchen. There is a wide range of product in different styles and designs. Most of them comes in pieces and have to be assembled and installed on a wooden frame. This will require additional trade contractors like carpenters and masons. However, I found a company that makes them so light that they are built in one piece. Just make a search for this long keyword:
Ultra-Light weight stone range hoods. These hoods are available in different colors, patterns, textures and designs. You need not worry about the style of the cast stone kitchen hood. You will find a wide variety of hoods which will blend well with your home and furniture.

Cast stone kitchen hoods are adorned by a lot of people with its stylish
decorative elements. There is some information about cast stone kitchen hoods that you should know, which may help in eradicating your doubts about the visual massiveness of this type of range hood that may seem to be extreme. One major point is that this is a decorative element in the kitchen with lots of functions and its decorative material belongs to limestone or travertine. This is an important thing that provides the excellence and the lightness of the product.

Natural stone range kitchen hoods are available in various kinds of stone but specifically in marble, travertine, limestone or sandstone. The sandstone and the limestone hoods give a rich traditional feel to the kitchen. It gives a euro touch to the overall look of the kitchen. The kitchen hood is a prominent feature in the kitchen, if it is rightly placed and is perfectly designed according to the style of the kitchen, the hood will give an aesthetic look to the kitchen. The decoration and the texturing are handmade and can be felt by the finger tips.

Did you know that installing a Stone Range Hoods made up of travertine can truly make your kitchen beautiful since it is engineered for the walls thus they will not make the wall of the house feel overloaded. You will always come across stone range hoods in earth tones and wavy pattern and this is not a coincident or an accident in the first place. If you have missed out some information, the sea basins are one of the birthplaces of travertine. The conceptual design was set up not just to improve, but it is a great micro-climate to the kitchen that will introduce
provencial theme to the kitchen interior. This type of design can actually complement to the overall look of the furnishings and kitchen as well.

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